Aura by Classic Equine

Classic Equine came to us to help launch their latest product, a performance horse cinch like no other on the market. Our challenge was to come up with a name for the product as well as create materials to launch it into the highly saturated equine sports market. After lots of research and brainstorming we settled on Aura, a word that can be defined as; the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, place, or thing. Since the function of a horse cinch is to surround the horse, almost like a belt, and is essential to hold the saddle in place for to the best performance, we felt this was a perfect fit. For the campaign graphics I wanted to create something that represented the essence of the word aura as well as visually incorprated elements from the product logo. Feeling is believing!

Product Naming, Logo Design, Campaign Development, Print, Digital